Our shirt making concept is simple: Create the most beautiful shirts in the world. 

Why go bespoke?

The art of bespoke also works wonders with shirts.

The process is simpler, of course, with fewer layers, but the benefits of cutting the shirt to the exact measurements of the body are equally profound.

With stock shirts, you usually have to choose a shirt according to collar size, and then accept default measurements for the length of the sleeves and the body of the shirt. The result is that most men fit one aspect of their shirt but not the others. Add in other personal idiosyncrasies, such as width of neck, chest size, or having one arm longer than the other (as most men do) and it’s no surprise that men find bespoke shirting such a revelation.

The process

In order to create your perfect shirt, we begin by discussing your needs to understand the best cloth to suit your lifestyle. We will then go through our huge range of cloths. We source our cloth from the finest cotton makers in the world ensuring that our cloth is ethically sourced. Once the cloth is chosen we'll go through the idiosyncrasies of shirt styling such as your shirt collar, cuff and fly styles. 


We then take your measurements and your shirt will be cut and made in store. In our experience our shirts are perfect on first try and are with you within three weeks! Your bespoke shirt pattern is then kept on file, ready for your next order!