The Gentlemans Guide to Wedding Style.

Start From the Basics.. 

With Covid-19 putting a stop to social gatherings during 2020 we predict a record number of weddings in the next couple of years. Whether you are the groom/ groomsman, guest or plus one it can be daunting nagivating the minefield that is wedding style. 

So the wedding season is approaching, you've booked the time off work and are looking forward to the big day- there's just one issue, you have no clue what to wear! Well, we've broken down wedding attire to steer you in the right direction. Before expanding on the details, we will begin by outlining some basic étiquette so you never put a foot wrong. 

Pay attention to the invitation:

  • Check the date, what is the climate going to be like? You don’t want to turn up to a wedding in the midst of a heatwave in a 13oz suit that will have you sweating profusely and exhausted before vows have been exchanged. 
  • Check the dress code- make sure that you pay close attention to the invitation for a dress code that the bride and groom may have requested. The last thing you want to do is show up over or under dressed.
  • Check the venue- in the unlikely event of no dress code this is a key indicator to determining what is appropriate. 


Invest wisely. Consider the rest of your social calendar and invest in pieces that you can rely on time and time again instead of buying something that you can only wear once. This ranges from an overcoat or blazer down to a tie. It’s a no brainer, and better for the environment!

If still in doubt, go classic!  This gives you the flexiblity to adapt your outfit according to other guests, perhaps removing your tie or undoing your collar if you feel too dressed up.

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