Mary Sibande at Somerset house




I was Invited to participate in an beautiful conversation with the incredible artist Mary Sibande and other creatives from the African diaspora.

The conversation was centered around Mary's latest work 'I came Apart at the seams'. We delved into an in depth discussion  and fascinating discussion around womanhood, a sense of belonging and the use of textiles.  



It's a joy to be invited into conversations like these because they are important to understanding the context behind an artist work and discussing the creative process  really helped me to get a more emotive and in depth understanding of her work.

The exhibition is spectacular, walking through it is an emotional experience. Marys use of colour is visceral, it's almost overwhelming because it hits so hard, the figures are bold, strong and steadfast. 

Watch the conversation below: 


You can find out more about the exhibition on the Somerset website below:

The exhibition is running through till January 5th 2019 I thoroughly recommend seeing it. 

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