Nothing you’ve ever worn before will give you the pleasure, or quiet confidence, of a bespoke suit from Charlie Allen.

Cut to your exact measurements, from the finest cloth, with details chosen by you, this is a bespoke suit that’ll put you immediately at ease. It’ll feel like an old friend from the moment you put it on and improve with age.

Made for you – your body, your shape, your personality, and your idiosyncrasies – it’s a unique garment that will make your good features shine, and those you’re less proud of, disappear.

In short, everything will be exactly as it should be. And if you don’t feel better than you ever have before, you’ll be a very rare exception.




With bespoke, whatever you want, you can have.

We can cut the sleeve slightly wider to accommodate your watch, or perhaps you’d like a pocket for your phone, or if you’re left handed, a pen pocket on the right hand side?

You might like the jacket in a sober colour, and the lining or melton on the back of the collar in something more vibrant. Maybe you’d like a shirt-grip on the inside band of the trouser or canvas bands at the bottom of the legs to prevent friction on the back of the shoes?

Or hidden pockets, different colour stitching around the working buttonholes, a flower loop on the inside of your lapel or a half-lining?

Anything’s possible.

Whatever details you choose, we’ll integrate them into your suit in an elegant and discrete way, to create a garment that is uniquely, and wonderfully, yours.




London leads the world in bespoke tailoring.

Anyone looking for a bespoke suit in London is spoilt for choice, from the traditional houses in Savile Row to new Modern-British tailors dotted around the East End and Soho.

But, whilst the craft of bespoke is alive and well, we believe that there’s also an art to bespoke.

The Art of Bespoke is where the highest craft meets the personality of the client - where the tailor has the time, insight, and subtlety to create a garment that’s right not just for the body, but for the mind and personality of the wearer.

And there’s no one who has a better feel for this meeting of craft and humanity, the Art of Bespoke, than Charlie Allen.




In today’s world, there’s no more sustainable clothing than bespoke.

Quality and fit never go out of style and they are truly the best investment you can make.

We believe that a great wardrobe need not be a large wardrobe, and that for most men it is better to have a small number of clothes made of the finest materials that fit you perfectly, than a cupboard full of clothes that never leave their hangers.

And this attitude extends to how we look after
your garment.

When you get a bespoke suit from Charlie Allen, we fully expect to look after it for life. We’ll welcome it back for adjustments as the years go by, and wear and tear takes off a button here, or breaks a stitch there.

And because we cut every garment with a generous measure of cloth in the seams, if success does go to your waist, we can adjust your suit to fit. So you’ll continue to enjoy it year after year.



Charlie Allen has been giving a playful spin to Savile Row quality for over 30 years. For bespoke and made to measure garments with all the Row hallmarks of quality, attention to detail and discretion, but also a softness and elegance that puts you immediately at your ease, visit our premises at 1 Cooper’s Yard Islington, or call 020 7359 0883.